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Murine cytomegalovirus binds reversibly to mouse embryo fibroblasts: implications for quantitation and explanation of centrifugal enhancement.

PD Hodgkin, AA Scalzo, N Swaminathan, P Price, GR Shellam

Journal of Virological Methods | Published : 1988


In a study of the infection of mouse embryo fibroblasts with murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV), we found that plaque number is directly related to virus concentration and not to the total amount of virus contained in the inoculum. These results suggested that virus binding was reversible and that during infection a binding equilibrium is established which limits the amount of bound virus. Further analysis revealed three categories of plaque based on reversibility after virus adsorption. One group was removed simply by washing cell monolayers after virus removal. A second group of plaques was lost gradually with time, giving complete reversal after 5 min at 37 degrees C. The rate of reversal was ..

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