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An analysis of tissue-specific transplantation phenomena in a minor histoincompatibility system.

CJ Simeonovic, PD Hodgkin, JA Donohoe, KM Bowen, KJ Lafferty

Transplantation | Published : 1985


Tissue-specific differences in immunogenicity were demonstrated following allotransplantation across the same minor histocompatibility barrier (BALB/c----DBA/2). In contrast to the high immunogenicity of fetal pancreas and skin, isolated islets, fetal proislets, and thyroid were weakly immunogenic. These tissue-specific effects were not related to the presence of tissue-specific antigens or the absence of recognizable minor alloantigens from the less immunogenic tissues. There was a strong correlation between tissues that were highly immunogenic and those that contained rich populations of donor leukocytes. The survival of fetal pancreas allografts was significantly improved by pretreating t..

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