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Cross-linking surface Ig delays CD40 ligand- and IL-4-induced B cell Ig class switching and reveals evidence for independent regulation of B cell proliferation and differentiation.

James S Rush, Jhagvaral Hasbold, Philip D Hodgkin

J Immunol | Published : 2002


T cells stimulate B cells to divide and differentiate by providing activating signals in the form of inducible membrane-bound molecules and secreted cytokines. Provision of these signals in vitro reproduces many of the consequences of T-B collaboration in the absence of any form of Ag stimulation. Although clearly not obligatory, Ag signals appear to play an important regulatory role in numerous aspects of the B cell response. To examine directly the effect of an Ag signal, naive B cells were stimulated in the presence of rCD40 ligand, with or without IL-4 in the presence or absence of different anti-Ig mAbs. Anti-Ig mAbs exerted variable effects on the B cell division rate, from enhancement..

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