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Intrinsic differences in the proliferation of naive and memory human B cells as a mechanism for enhanced secondary immune responses.

Stuart G Tangye, Danielle T Avery, Elissa K Deenick, Philip D Hodgkin

J Immunol | Published : 2003


Humoral immune responses elicited after secondary exposure to immunizing Ag are characterized by robust and elevated reactivity of memory B cells that exceed those of naive B cells during the primary response. The mechanism underlying this difference in responsiveness of naive vs memory B cells remains unclear. We have quantitated the response of naive and memory human B cells after in vitro stimulation with T cell-derived stimuli. In response to stimulation with CD40 ligand alone or with IL-10, both IgM-expressing and Ig isotype-switched memory B cells entered their first division 20-30 h earlier than did naive B cells. In contrast, the time spent traversing subsequent divisions was similar..

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