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The importance of efficacy and partial agonism in evaluating models of B lymphocyte activation.

PD Hodgkin, SH Chin, G Bartell, A Mamchak, K Doherty, AB Lyons, J Hasbold

Int Rev Immunol | Published : 1997


Immunologists have developed a range of in vitro techniques for probing the receptor mediated response of cells comprising the immune system. An important and ubiquitous method is the use of antibodies in either soluble or aggregated form to engage cell surface receptors and transmit a signal. Models of cell and molecular interactions, derived from the use of these antibodies, form the basis of our efforts to understand and explain the corresponding in vivo systems. However, interpreting in vitro experiments and distinguishing between alternative models is difficult. This complexity is illustrated here using B cell stimulation by surface immunoglobulin and CD40. The fluorescent cell labellin..

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