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Autoantibodies to the insulin receptor and insulin-resistant diabetes.

E Van Obberghen, C Grunfeld, LC Harrison, A Karlsson, M Muggeo, CR Kahn

Hormone Research in Paediatrics | Published : 1982


Autoantibodies to the insulin receptor are a rare cause of insulin-resistant diabetes, but when they occur they produce a profound clinical syndrome. These antibodies block insulin binding, immunoprecipitate solubilized insulin receptors, and their acute effect is to mimic the biological effects of insulin. However, prolonged exposure of cells to these antibodies produces a state of insulin resistance. Since the antigen to which the antibody is directed is relatively well-characterized, many of the observations in this syndrome can serve as a model for elucidating molecular mechanisms in other diseases with antibodies against membrane components. The autoantibodies to the insulin receptor ha..

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