Journal article

The effects of mazindol and 46-034 (Sandoz) on glucose oxidation and insulin binding by rat isolated fat cells.

LC Harrison, AP King-Roach

Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology | Published : 1976


1. The anorexic agent mazindol and its major metabolite 46-034 (Sandoz) in high concentrations ( greater than 0-4 mM) abolished basal and insulin-stimulated conversion of 1-14C-glucose to 14CO2 by rat isolated fat cells. 2. High concentrations (1mM) also inhibited specific binding of 125 I-insulin to fat cells. 3. The observed effects appeared to be due in part to perturbation of the plasma membrane since there was a rise in the lactate dehydrogenase content of the incubation medium, increased 125I-insulin degradation and a reduction in cellular tritiated water space. 4. These effects are unlikely to be relevant to the therapeutic action of mazindol.

University of Melbourne Researchers