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Chronic stimulation of glucose transporter gene expression in L6 myocytes mediated via the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor.

F Maher, S Clark, LC Harrison

Mol Endocrinol | Published : 1989


We have used differentiated L6 myocytes to investigate the regulation of glucose transporter gene expression by insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Chronic exposure to insulin (1 microM) or IGF-1 (10 nm) resulted in a 2- to 5-fold stimulation of 3H-2-deoxy-D-glucose uptake and a corresponding increase in the expression of rat brain/HepG2-type glucose transporter mRNA (GTmRNA) and immunoreactive transporter protein. The dose responses to both insulin and IGF-1 for stimulation of glucose uptake were paralleled by the expression of GTmRNA. Glucose uptake and GTmRNA levels were half maximally stimulated by 350 and 100 nM insulin, respectively, or by 2 nM IGF-1. Comparison of recept..

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