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The effector T cell response to ryegrass pollen is counterregulated by simultaneous induction of regulatory T cells.

Diana Mittag, Anja Scholzen, Nirupama Varese, Lorraine Baxter, Geza Paukovics, Leonard C Harrison, Jennifer M Rolland, Robyn E O'Hehir

J Immunol | Published : 2010


Allergy is associated with pathological Th2 responses to otherwise harmless environmental Ags. In contrast, nonallergic individuals mount nonpathological immune responses to allergens, partly attributed to regulatory T cell (Treg) activity. Although thymus-derived natural Tregs have been shown to maintain tolerance to self-Ags and prevent autoimmunity, the generation of Tregs specific to non-self-Ags is less well understood. We investigated the potential for induction of Tregs from PBMCs of ryegrass pollen-allergic or healthy subjects by stimulation in vitro with ryegrass pollen extract in the absence of additional exogenous stimuli. We found that two subsets of proliferating CD4(+) T cells ..

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