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Insulin binding leads to the formation of covalent (-S-S-) hormone receptor complexes.

S Clark, LC Harrison

J Biol Chem | Published : 1982


The recent finding that the lymphocyte insulin receptor is covalently labeled after 125I-insulin binding led us to directly test a previous hypothesis that insulin binds via disulfide bonds. 125I-insulin was bound to isolated rat adipocytes at 37 °C, the cells were washed extensively at 37 °C to remove nondissociable radioactivity, and then extracted in Triton X-100/Dulbecco's buffer containing protease inhibitors. The solubilized radioactivity obtained after centrifugation at 100,000 x g was chromatographed on Sephadex G-50 and resolved as a major high molecular weight (HMV) peak and two smaller peaks representing intact and degraded 125I-insulin, respectively. The formation of the HMV comp..

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