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Binding of insulin receptors to lectins: evidence for common carbohydrate determinants on several membrane receptors.

JA Hedo, LC Harrison, J Roth

Biochemistry | Published : 1981


Insulin receptors from human placenta and from cultured lymphocytes (IM-9 line) were solubilized in Triton X-100 and applied to agarose columns containing 12 different immobilized lectins. Receptors from both tissues were adsorbed by lectins that bind A-acetylglucosamine (wheat germ), mannose (concanavalin A, lentil, and pea), and galactose (ricins I and II) but were unretained by lectins that bind A-acetylgalactosamine (horse gram, S. Japonica, and soybean), fucose (gorse seed I), and galactose (B. simplicifolia and peanut). After desorption with the appropriate monosaccharides, the insulin-binding capacity of the receptor was increased between 5- and 50-fold with recoveries ranging from 7%..

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