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Tumor necrosis factor secreted by transformed human B lymphocytes: lack of an autocrine growth effect.

M Pirisi, D Vasiliadis, LC Harrison

Lymphokine Res | Published : 1990


There is evidence that tumor necrosis factor (TNF) may be a proliferation and differentiation factor for B lymphocytes. We found that three of four lymphoblastoid cell lines (ADD, IM-9, W1) secreted TNF-beta and expressed TNF receptors, whereas one pre-B cell leukemia and six Burkitt's lymphoma cell lines had no detectable TNF secretion and, except for one Burkitt's cell line (LOU), very low expression of TNF receptors. When IM-9, W1 or LOU cells were cultured over seven days in the presence of either TNF-alpha or antiserum to TNF-beta there was no difference between their growth rate, endogenous TNF-beta secretion or immunoglobulin secretion compared to untreated cells. These findings indic..

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