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Application of genetic search in derivation of matrix models of peptide binding to MHC molecules.

V Brusic, C Schönbach, M Takiguchi, V Ciesielski, LC Harrison

Bioinformatics | Published : 1997


T cells of the vertebrate immune system recognise peptides bound by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on the surface of host cells. Peptide binding to MHC molecules is necessary for immune recognition, but only a subset of peptides are capable of binding to a particular MHC molecule. Common amino acid patterns (binding motifs) have been observed in sets of peptides that bind to specific MHC molecules. Recently, matrix models for peptide/MHC interaction have been reported. These encode the rules of peptide/ MHC interactions for an individual MHC molecule as a 20 x 9 matrix where the contribution to binding of each amino acid at each position within a 9-mer peptide is quantified..

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