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Structure of covalent insulin-receptor complexes (I-S-S-R) in isolated rat adipocytes and human placental membranes.

S Clark, LC Harrison

Biochem J | Published : 1985


The structure of naturally-formed covalent disulphide-linked complexes between insulin and its receptor was examined by sodium dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis. To prevent destabilization of disulphide bonds at alkaline pH the standard discontinuous electrophoresis conditions were changed to a continuous buffer system at pH 7.0. 125I-insulin was first bound to either rat adipocytes or human placental membranes for 10 min at 37 degrees C. After washing, non-dissociable radioactivity was extracted from cells or membranes in Triton X-100 and immunoprecipitated with an antiserum (B-2) to the insulin receptor. Electrophoresis of the immune precipitate revealed the two smaller o..

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