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TCR gamma delta intraepithelial lymphocytes are required for self-tolerance.

Natasha R Locke, Sanda Stankovic, David P Funda, Leonard C Harrison

J Immunol | Published : 2006


Neonatal thymectomy (NTX) impairs T cell regulation and leads to organ-specific autoimmune disease in susceptible mouse strains. In the NOD mouse model of spontaneous type 1 diabetes, we observed that NTX dramatically accelerated autoimmune pancreatic beta cell destruction and diabetes. NTX had only a minor effect in NOD mice protected from diabetes by transgenic expression of the beta cell autoantigen proinsulin in APCs, inferring that accelerated diabetes after NTX is largely due to failure to regulate proinsulin-specific T cells. NTX markedly impaired the development of intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL), the number of which was already reduced in euthymic NOD mice compared with control st..

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