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Pancreatic expression and mitochondrial localization of the progestin-adipoQ receptor PAQR10.

L Jorge Góñez, Gaetano Naselli, Ilia Banakh, Hideo Niwa, Leonard C Harrison

Mol Med | Published : 2008


Steroid hormones induce changes in gene expression by binding to intracellular receptors that then translocate to the nucleus. Steroids have also been shown to rapidly modify cell function by binding to surface membrane receptors. We identified a candidate steroid membrane receptor, the progestin and adipoQ receptor (PAQR) 10, a member of the PAQR family, in a screen for genes differentially expressed in mouse pancreatic beta-cells. PAQR10 gene expression was tissue restricted compared with other PAQRs. In the mouse embryonic pancreas, PAQR10 expression mirrored development of the endocrine lineage, with PAQR10 protein expression confined to endocrine islet-duct structures in the late embryo..

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