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Cytokines activate caspase-3 in insulinoma cells of diabetes-prone NOD mice directly and via upregulation of Fas.

Petra Augstein, Jeanette Bahr, Gerhild Wachlin, Peter Heinke, Sabine Berg, Eckhard Salzsieder, Leonard C Harrison

J Autoimmun | Published : 2004


In type 1 diabetes, autoimmune inflammation of pancreatic islets of Langerhans ('insulitis') results in destruction of insulin-producing beta cells. Cytokines released from islet-infiltrating mononuclear cells are known to be cytotoxic both directly and by upregulating Fas for FasL-induced apoptosis. To investigate the role of caspase-3, a major effector of apoptosis in beta-cell death, we asked whether cytokine- and/or FasL-induced apoptosis was associated with increased activity of caspase-3 in NIT-1 insulinoma cells and islets of autoimmune diabetes-prone NOD mice. Measurement of caspase-3 activity using a fluorogenic cleavage assay was validated in NOD mouse thymocytes undergoing dexamet..

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