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Implicit and explicit Motivated Self-Perception as hypothesis-driven self-construal

LM Kaufmann, VE Sojo, AE Genat, MA Wheeler, RE Wood

Personality and Individual Differences | Pergamon Press Ltd. | Published : 2017


Motivated Self-Perception (MSP) facilitates the positive perception of the self via the endorsement of desirable characteristics, selective recall of autobiographical memories, and performance of desirable behaviour. Peters and Gawronski (2011) proposed a model of MSP as “hypothesis-driven” self-construal integrating implicit and explicit self-concepts, motivation, and autobiographical memory. The current study provides the first complete test of this model. One hundred and twenty-seven participants read a summary of a fictional study before completing measures of motivation, personality self-ratings, autobiographical memory, and implicit self-personality associations. Explicit self-concept,..

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