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Viscoelastic behaviour of flocculated silica sediments in concentrated monovalent chloride salt solutions

Gonzalo Quezada, Ricardo I Jeldres, Christian Goni, Pedro G Toledo, Anthony D Stickland, Peter J Scales



Silica sand and quartz represent the second most common mineral in the earth's crust. The silica-water interface is central to the processing of a large number of mineral systems and the flow properties of particulate suspensions. In particular, these flow properties define the upper limit to processing of tailings suspensions in the mining industry and, ultimately, the recovery of water. In some regions of the world, the scarcity of fresh water has pushed this industry to use seawater, either as is or partially desalinated. Here we analyze the impact of monovalent alkali metal chlorides that are typical of seawater on the viscoelastic behaviour of flocculated silica sediments at concentrati..

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Awarded by Centro CRHIAM Conicyt/Fondap Project

Awarded by INNOVA CORFO Project CSIRO Chile

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the support of Centro CRHIAM Conicyt/Fondap Project-15130015 and the infrastructure support of the Particulate Processing Centre, a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council. RIJ thanks INNOVA CORFO Project CSIRO Chile 10CEII-9007. GQ thanks Conicyt-Chile for a graduate student fellowship.