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Immune-mediated hepatitis drives low-level fusion between hepatocytes and adult bone marrow cells

MH Dahlke, R Loi, A Warren, L Holz, FC Popp, DJ Weiss, P Piso, DG Bowen, GW McCaughan, HJ Schlitt, P Bertolino



BACKGROUND/AIMS: The role of adult bone marrow-derived cells (BMC) in hepatic regeneration is controversial. Both transdifferentiation of BMC as well as fusion with hepatocytes have been suggested in toxin-based and genetic selection models. METHODS: We have developed a transgenic mouse model of immune-mediated hepatitis to clarify the role of BMC in liver regeneration following injury mediated by T cells. RESULTS: Repeated adoptive transfer of transgenic T cells into bone marrow chimeras resulted in multiple waves of hepatitis. Hepatocytes derived from donor bone marrow were identified using a self-protein that does not interfere with hepatocyte function and proliferation in recipient anima..

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