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Virus infection mediates the effects of elevated CO2 on plants and vectors.

Piotr Trębicki, Rebecca K Vandegeer, Nilsa A Bosque-Pérez, Kevin S Powell, Beatriz Dader, Angela J Freeman, Alan L Yen, Glenn J Fitzgerald, Jo E Luck

Scientific Reports | Published : 2016


Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has increased significantly and is projected to double by 2100. To increase current food production levels, understanding how pests and diseases respond to future climate driven by increasing CO2 is imperative. We investigated the effects of elevated CO2 (eCO2) on the interactions among wheat (cv. Yitpi), Barley yellow dwarf virus and an important pest and virus vector, the bird cherry-oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi), by examining aphid life history, feeding behavior and plant physiology and biochemistry. Our results showed for the first time that virus infection can mediate effects of eCO2 on plants and pathogen vectors. Changes in plant N conce..

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