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Don't Label Me: A Qualitative Study of Patients' Perceptions and Experiences of Sedation During Behavioral Emergencies in the Emergency Department

Celene YL Yap, Jonathan C Knott, David CM Kong, Marie Gerdtz, Kay Stewart, David M Taylor



OBJECTIVES: Behavioral emergencies are commonly seen in emergency departments (EDs). Acutely agitated patients can be difficult to manage and sedation may be required to decrease dangerous behavior and to ensure the safety of both the patient and the staff. While the experience of staff caring for this population has been reported, patients' experiences with their overall management remains unknown. We aimed to describe the perceptions and experiences of patients regarding the use of sedation during acute behavioral emergencies. METHODS: Face-to-face semistructured interviews were conducted with adults aged 18 years or older, who had received parenteral sedative medication for the management..

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