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Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle Alters Lipid Composition of Milk.

Z Liu, V Ezernieks, J Wang, N Wanni Arachchillage, JB Garner, WJ Wales, BG Cocks, S Rochfort

Scientific Reports | Published : 2017


Heat stress, potentially affecting both the health of animals and the yield and composition of milk, occurs frequently in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions. A simulated acute heat stress experiment was conducted in controlled-climate chambers and milk samples collected before, during and after the heat challenge. Milk lipid composition, surveyed using LC-MS, showed significant changes in triacylglycerol (TAG) and polar lipid profiles. Heat stress (temperature-humidity index up to 84) was associated with a reduction in TAG groups containing short- and medium-chain fatty acids and a concomitant increase in those containing long-chain fatty acids. The abundance of five polar lipid cl..

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