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Incorporating mixed rations and formulated grain mixes into the diet of grazing cows: Effects on milk composition and coagulation properties, and the yield and quality of Cheddar cheese

MJ Auldist, JS Greenwood, MM Wright, M Hannah, RPW Williams, PJ Moate, WJ Wales



Effects of different strategies for feeding supplements to grazing dairy cows on the composition and coagulation properties of milk and the subsequent yield and quality of Cheddar cheese were measured. The experiment used milk from 72 Holstein-Friesian cows, averaging 45d in milk, fed according to 1 of 3 feeding strategies: (1) cows grazed a restricted allowance of perennial ryegrass pasture [approximately 14kg of dry matter (DM)/cow per day, to ground level] supplemented with milled wheat grain fed in the milking parlor and alfalfa hay offered in the paddock (control); (2) same pasture and allowance as control, supplemented with a formulated grain mix containing wheat grain, corn grain, and..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to G. Morris, A. McDonald, D. Mapleson, T. Phillips, C. Macleod, T. Hookey, S. Ziero, L. Dorling, B. Ribaux, D. Wilson, and Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR; Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia) farm staff for cow husbandry and milk sampling. Thanks to J. Mayes (CSIRO, Werribee, Australia) for cheese making and D. Otter and M. Agnew (AgResearch, New Zealand) for analyses of milk composition. Support with the design and interpretation of the experiment was provided by the Gardiner Foundation's "Feeding Systems for Higher Value Milk" Steering Committee. This research was funded by the Gardiner Foundation (Melbourne, Australia), Dairy Australia (Melbourne, Australia), and DEDJTR.