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A single-array preprocessing method for estimating full-resolution raw copy numbers from all Affymetrix genotyping arrays including GenomeWideSNP 5 & 6

Henrik Bengtsson, Pratyaksha Wirapati, Terence P Speed



MOTIVATION: High-resolution copy-number (CN) analysis has in recent years gained much attention, not only for the purpose of identifying CN aberrations associated with a certain phenotype, but also for identifying CN polymorphisms. In order for such studies to be successful and cost effective, the statistical methods have to be optimized. We propose a single-array preprocessing method for estimating full-resolution total CNs. It is applicable to all Affymetrix genotyping arrays, including the recent ones that also contain non-polymorphic probes. A reference signal is only needed at the last step when calculating relative CNs. RESULTS: As with our method for earlier generations of arrays, thi..

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