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The power of two-locus affected sib-pair linkage analysis to detect interacting disease loci

Ingileif B Hallgrimsdottir, Terence P Speed



It has been shown that two-locus linkage analysis can, for some two-locus disease models, be used to detect effects at disease loci that do not reach significance in a genome scan. However, few examples exist where two-locus linkage has been successfully used to map genes. We study the possible gain in power of affected sib-pair nonparametric two-locus linkage analysis for two-locus models which fulfil the two-locus triangle constraints. Using a new parameterization of the two-locus joint identity-by-descent sharing probabilities we can, for fixed marginal sharing at both of two unlinked disease loci, derive a two-locus distribution such that the power of a two-locus analysis is maximized. I..

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