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Differential regulation of native estrogen receptor-regulatory elements by estradiol, tamoxifen, and raloxifene

Nitzan Levy, Dierdre Tatomer, Candice B Herber, Xiaoyue Zhao, Hui Tang, Toby Sargeant, Lonnele J Ball, Jonathan Summers, Terence P Speed, Dale C Leitman



Estrogen receptors (ERs) regulate gene transcription by interacting with regulatory elements. Most information regarding how ER activates genes has come from studies using a small set of target genes or simple consensus sequences such as estrogen response element, activator protein 1, and Sp1 elements. However, these elements cannot explain the differences in gene regulation patterns and clinical effects observed with estradiol (E(2)) and selective estrogen receptor modulators. To obtain a greater understanding of how E(2) and selective estrogen receptor modulators differentially regulate genes, it is necessary to investigate their action on a more comprehensive set of native regulatory elem..

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