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Multiple transcription factor elements collaborate with estrogen receptor alpha to activate an inducible estrogen response element in the NKG2E gene

Nitzan Levy, Xiaoyue Zhao, Hui Tang, Robert B Jaffe, Terence P Speed, Dale C Leitman



Estrogen receptors (ERs) regulate transcription by interacting with regulatory elements in target genes. However, known ER regulatory elements cannot explain the expression profiles of genes activated by estradiol (E2) and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). We previously showed that the killer cell lectin-like receptor (NKG2E) gene is regulated by E2, tamoxifen, and raloxifene. Here we used the NKG2E gene as a model to investigate the mechanism whereby target genes are regulated by E2 and SERMs with ERalpha. The ER regulatory element in the NKG2E promoter was mapped to the -1825 and -1686 region. Full activation of the NKG2E promoter required the collaboration between a transcri..

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