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Mitochondrial-related gene expression changes are sensitive to agonal-pH state: implications for brain disorders.

MP Vawter, H Tomita, F Meng, B Bolstad, J Li, S Evans, P Choudary, M Atz, L Shao, C Neal, DM Walsh, M Burmeister, T Speed, R Myers, EG Jones, SJ Watson, H Akil, WE Bunney

Molecular Psychiatry | Published : 2006


Mitochondrial defects in gene expression have been implicated in the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. We have now contrasted control brains with low pH versus high pH and showed that 28% of genes in mitochondrial-related pathways meet criteria for differential expression. A majority of genes in the mitochondrial, chaperone and proteasome pathways of nuclear DNA-encoded gene expression were decreased with decreased brain pH, whereas a majority of genes in the apoptotic and reactive oxygen stress pathways showed an increased gene expression with a decreased brain pH. There was a significant increase in mitochondrial DNA copy number and mitochondrial DNA gene expression wi..

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