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Colon cancer prognosis prediction by gene expression profiling

A Barrier, A Lemoine, PY Boelle, C Tse, D Brault, F Chiappini, J Breittschneider, F Lacaine, S Houry, M Huguier, MJ Van der Laan, T Speed, B Debuire, A Flahault, S Dudoit



This study assessed the possibility to build a prognosis predictor, based on microarray gene expression measures, in stage II and III colon cancer patients. Tumour (T) and non-neoplastic mucosa (NM) mRNA samples from 18 patients (nine with a recurrence, nine with no recurrence) were profiled using the Affymetrix HGU133A GeneChip. The k-nearest neighbour method was used for prognosis prediction using T and NM gene expression measures. Six-fold cross-validation was applied to select the number of neighbours and the number of informative genes to include in the predictors. Based on this information, one T-based and one NM-based predictor were proposed and their accuracies were estimated by doub..

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