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Hyperglycemia in patients undergoing elective cardiopulmonary bypass procedures

E Lee, R Grabenkort, S Gambrell, J Bailey

Critical Care Medicine | Published : 1999


Introduction: Patients undergoing procedures involving the use of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) are subjected to derangements causing hyperglycemia, even without exogenous glucose administration, which may contribute to postoperative morbidity from neurologic and renal dysfunction, infection, and poor wound healing. Blood glucose is routinely monitored at the following times: preoperatively, after induction of anesthesia, every 30 minutes while on CPB, after separation from CPB, and while in the intensive care unit. We have defined hyperglycemia as a serum glucose of >180 mg/dl, and persistent hyperglycemia as glucose >180 mg/dl on more than one measurement. We evaluated the incidence of hype..

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