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Biometrical effects of the inversion polymorphism of Kiefferulus intertinctus (Skuse)

J Martin

Australian Journal of Biological Sciences | CSIRO | Published : 1973


The Lonsdale, Barwon, and Corio inversions of K. intertinctus produce biometrical effects in larvae. The Lo, Ba, and Co sequences all increase the length of the ventral tubules in both male and female larvae. This effect may help in understanding the basis of the non-random association between the Lonsdale and Barwon inversions. La and Ba, whose occurrence together is advantageous, are more common in warmer regions where the oxygen content of the water is low. Larger ventral tubules provide an increased area for respiratory exchange. In addition, the inversions probably also affect larval length. The Lo, Ba, and Stco sequences apparently decrease the length of female larvae but increase the ..

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