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Proactive asthma care in childhood: general practice based randomised controlled trial.

Nicholas J Glasgow, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Rachel Yates, Justin Beilby, Paul Dugdale

BMJ | Published : 2003


OBJECTIVES: To assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a general practice based, proactive system of asthma care in children. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial with cluster sampling by general practice. SETTING: General practices in the northern region of the Australian Capital Territory. PARTICIPANTS: 174 children with moderate to severe asthma who attended 24 general practitioners. INTERVENTION: System of structured asthma care (the 3+ visit plan), with participating families reminded to attend the general practitioner. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Process measures: rates for asthma consultations with general practitioner, written asthma plans, completion of the 3+ visit plan; clinical mea..

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