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Sudden infant death syndrome: seasonality and a biphasic model of pathogenesis.

AL Ponsonby, T Dwyer, ME Jones

J Epidemiol Community Health | Published : 1992


STUDY OBJECTIVE: This paper examines the relationship between season, age, and the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It provides a theoretical model for the pathogenesis of SIDS and uses it as a framework to consider risk factor mechanism. DESIGN: A case series analysis was used to examine season and age in relation to SIDS and seasonal pattern and age at death distribution of perinatal risk factors. SETTING: The source population for the SIDS cases in this study was all live births in the state of Tasmania, Australia, 1975 to 1987 inclusive. SUBJECTS: Cases were all infants born 1975 to 1987 who died of SIDS on whom birth notification information was available (n = 348). The live birth c..

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