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Bile acids, oxidative stress, and renal function in biliary obstruction

A Bomzon, S Holt, K Moore

Seminars in Nephrology | W B SAUNDERS CO | Published : 1997


Renal dysfunction occurs in patients with biliary obstruction. Plasma accumulation of bile acids and oxidative stress have been proposed as contributory factors. Bile acids can alter the renal handling of electrolytes and water by blocking the Na(+)-H+ antiport in the tubule. Oxidative stress, defined as an imbalance between radical generating systems and radical scavenging systems giving rise to free radical induced tissue damage, occurs in patients with liver disease. Bile acids cause oxidative damage to tubular cell membranes by stimulating the generation of oxygen free radicals from mitochondria, as well as promoting their release from neutrophils and macrophages. Oxidative stress can pr..

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