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Reference dosimetry at the Australian Synchrotron's imaging and medical beamline using free-air ionization chamber measurements and theoretical predictions of air kerma rate and half value layer.

Jeffrey C Crosbie, Peter AW Rogers, Andrew W Stevenson, Christopher J Hall, Jessica E Lye, Terese Nordström, Stewart M Midgley, Robert A Lewis

Med Phys | Published : 2013


PURPOSE: Novel, preclinical radiotherapy modalities are being developed at synchrotrons around the world, most notably stereotactic synchrotron radiation therapy and microbeam radiotherapy at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. The imaging and medical beamline (IMBL) at the Australian Synchrotron has recently become available for preclinical radiotherapy and imaging research with clinical trials, a distinct possibility in the coming years. The aim of this present study was to accurately characterize the synchrotron-generated x-ray beam for the purposes of air kerma-based absolute dosimetry. METHODS: The authors used a theoretical model of the energy spectrum from..

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