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Phosphine as a replacement for methyl bromide for postharvest disinfestation of citrus

P Williams, G Hepworth, F Goubran, M Muhunthan, K Dunn

Postharvest Biology and Technology | Published : 2000


Methyl bromide is the only fumigant registered for disinfestation of citrus in Australia. However, it has been identified as an ozone-depleting chemical and its use is being restricted in accordance with an international agreement. The only alternative to a 2-h methyl bromide fumigation is cold treatment at 1°C for 16 days, and a more rapid alternative is desirable. The phosphine cylinder gas formulation ECO2FUME (phosphine with CO2 as a carrier gas) was recently registered for 15-h fumigation of cut flowers. This treatment was used as a basis for experimental fumigations of oranges infested with larvae of Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni in a 900-1 chamber. Uninfested oranges were in..

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