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The use of a sequential batch testing procedure and ELISA to determine the incidence of five viruses in Victorian cut-flower Sim carnations

BC Rodoni, G Hepworth, C Richardson, JR Moran

Crop and Pasture Science | Published : 1994


A sequential batch testing procedure was used in conjunction with ELISA to estimate levels of virus incidence in Victorian cut-flower 'Sim' carnations. The industry was surveyed for five viruses, namely; carnation mottle virus (CarMV), carnation etched ring virus (CERV), carnation vein mottle virus (CarVMV), carnation latent virus (CarLV) and carnation ringspot virus (CarRSV). CarMV was the most prevalent virus (9.9%), and lower levels of CERV (0 2%), CarVMV (0.1%) and CarLV (0.1%) were detected. CarRSV was not detected in any of the samples tested. Levels of CarMV were lower than in a previous survey in 1985, suggesting that the Plant Improvement Program which has been in operation in Victo..

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