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The multitasking parent: Time penalties, dimensions, and gender differences

L Craig, J Brown

The Economics of Multitasking | Palgrave Macmillan | Published : 2016


The main benefit of multitasking is that it allows people to do more than one activity at the same time. However, people usually cannot give their full attention to two activities when they multitask (Just et al. 2001). Thus, multitasking may come at a cost. One part of this multitasking cost is that people may enjoy an activity less if they cannot give it their full attention. Talking to a friend while doing homework may not be as enjoyable as talking to a friend without anything else on the mind. Another important part of the multitasking cost is related to task completion time. When people divide their attention between two tasks, they tend to take longer time to complete each of the task..

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