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A therapeutic Porphyromonas gingivalis gingipain vaccine induces neutralising IgG1 antibodies that protect against experimental periodontitis

Neil M O'Brien-Simpson, James A Holden, Jason C Lenzo, Yan Tan, Gail C Brammar, Katrina A Walsh, William Singleton, Rebecca KH Orth, Nada Slakeski, Keith J Cross, Ivan B Darby, Dorit Becher, Tony Rowe, Adriana Baz Morelli, Andrew Hammet, Andrew Nash, Anna Brown, Bing Ma, Didier Vingadassalom, Jacqueline McCluskey Show all



Porphyromonas gingivalis infected mice with an established P. gingivalis-specific inflammatory immune response were protected from developing alveolar bone resorption by therapeutic vaccination with a chimera (KAS2-A1) immunogen targeting the major virulence factors of the bacterium, the gingipain proteinases. Protection was characterised by an antigen-specific IgG1 isotype antibody and Th2 cell response. Adoptive transfer of KAS2-A1-specific IgG1 or IgG2 expressing B cells confirmed that IgG1-mediated protection. Furthermore, parenteral or intraoral administration of KAS2-A1-specific polyclonal antibodies protected against the development of P. gingivalis-induced bone resorption. The KAS2-A..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The work was supported by the Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Sanofi Pasteur and CSL. Professor David Tarlington is acknowledged for advice on the B cell adoptive transfer experiments. Katrina Laughton, Natasha Swan and Stephen Cleal are acknowledged for technical assistance.