Book Chapter

The Cultural Biography of a Music Periodical: Boletín Musical (Buenos Aires, 1837)


Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism | Brepols Publishers | Published : 2017


This chapter offers a "cultural biography" of Boletín Musical, a periodical published in Buenos Aires in 1837, which survives in only one, nearly-complete, copy. Following Appadurai’s and Kopytoff's conceptualisation of the "social life of things", which considers that the meanings of an object are intrinsically related to the different cultural values bestowed on it at specific points in its "biography", I explore the many lives of this periodical, how it has been imagined and construed as it passed through various hands from its original publication until the present. Spanning the Boletín's nearly 180 years of history, this exploration reviews its appearance in the complex political cont..

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