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A meta-analysis of neurocognition in youth with familial high risk for bipolar disorder.

E Bora, A Özerdem

Eur Psychiatry | Published : 2017


OBJECTIVE: Neuropsychological impairment, including deficits in social cognition is evident in subjects at genetic high-risk for psychosis. However, findings in youth at genetic risk to bipolar disorder (BP) have been suggested to be less supportive of premorbid deficits. We aimed to conduct a meta-analysis of cognitive deficits in youth with familiar risk for bipolar disorder (FHR-BD). METHODS: A novel meta-analysis of FHR-BD (mean age 10-25), including 18 studies (786 offsprings/siblings of patients with BD and 794 healthy controls), was conducted. RESULTS: Both general cognition (d=0.29, CI=0.15-0.44) and social cognition (d=0.23, CI=0-0.45) were impaired in FHR-BD. In comparison to contr..

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