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Implementation fidelity of a nurse-led falls prevention program in acute hospitals during the 6-PACK trial

Renata T Morello, Anna L Barker, Darshini R Ayton, Fiona Landgren, Jeannette Kamar, Keith D Hill, Caroline A Brand, Catherine Sherrington, Rory Wolfe, Sheral Rifat, Johannes Stoelwinder



BACKGROUND: When tested in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of 31,411 patients, the nurse-led 6-PACK falls prevention program did not reduce falls. Poor implementation fidelity (i.e., program not implemented as intended) may explain this result. Despite repeated calls for the examination of implementation fidelity as an essential component of evaluating interventions designed to improve the delivery of care, it has been neglected in prior falls prevention studies. This study examined implementation fidelity of the 6-PACK program during a large multi-site RCT. METHODS: Based on the 6-PACK implementation framework and intervention description, implementation fidelity was examined by quantif..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia

Awarded by NHMRC

Awarded by Senior Research Fellowship from NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

This project was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia (APP1007627). A Barker's salary was funded by a Career Development Fellowship from the NHMRC (APP1067236). R Morello's salary was supported by a postgraduate scholarship from the NHMRC (APP1055604). C Sherrington's salary was funded by a Senior Research Fellowship from the NHMRC (APP632929).