Journal article

Bone loss with antiepileptic drug therapy: a twin and sibling study

B Shiek Ahmad, SJ Petty, A Gorelik, TJ O'Brien, KD Hill, JJ Christie, PN Sambrook, JD Wark



Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to express their highest appreciation to all participants for their invaluable contributions and commitments throughout the study, our collaborators, Ms. Mary Sakellarides who continued the work of Dr. Petty on baseline recruitment, the late Ms. Sue Kantor and Ms. Ashwini Kale at Bone and Mineral Medicine, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, for their assistance during the bone scanning of Melbourne-based participants, Professor Richard L Prince and his research team at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for their support for study visits in Western Australia, Ms. Monique Macara from the RNSH who conducted the assessments for Sydney-based participants, the Australian Twin Registry, and all who have been involved with the University of Melbourne Twin and Sibling Research Program.