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Hydroclimate of the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in southern Australia's arid margin interpreted from speleothem records (23-15 ka)

Pauline C Treble, Andy Baker, Linda K Ayliffe, Timothy J Cohen, John C Hellstrom, Michael K Gagan, Silvia Frisia, Russell N Drysdale, Alan D Griffiths, Andrea Borsato

Climate of the Past | COPERNICUS GESELLSCHAFT MBH | Published : 2017


Awarded by Australian Research Council LIEF grants

Awarded by Australian Research Council LIEF grant

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Rod Wells for the use of stalagmite MC-S2 and discussions about Mairs Cave; James Shulmeister, Pandora Hope, John Chappell, Ed Rhodes, Martin Williams, Ian Houshold, and David Haberlah for discussions on the region's climate (both today and in the past) and geomorphology; and Monika Markowska for discussions on semi-arid speleothem records. We thank also Janece McDonald, Islay Laird, Krista Simon, and Joan Cowley for assistance with milling and isotope analysis; Stuart Hankin for drafting Fig. 1a, b; Patrick De Deckker, Matthias Moros, and Rhawn Denniston for supplying published data; and Dan Sinclair for discussions on quantifying PCP. We also thank the four anonymous reviewers, who provided valuable feedback that improved this manuscript. The stable isotope measurements on MC-S1 and MC-S2 were supported by Australian Research Council LIEF grants LE0989624 and LE0668400, and U-Th age measurements by Australian Research Council LIEF grant LE0989067. The majority of the data were collected whilst Pauline C. Treble was a research fellow at the Australian National University. This paper is a contribution to the SHAPE IFG.