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MRI study of the size, symmetry and function of the trunk muscles among elite cricketers with and without low back pain.

J Hides, W Stanton, M Freke, S Wilson, S McMahon, C Richardson

Br J Sports Med | Published : 2008


OBJECTIVES: To determine if asymmetry of trunk muscles and deficits of motor control exist among elite cricketers with and without low back pain (LBP). DESIGN: Single-blinded observational quasi-experimental design study SETTING: Assessments were conducted in a hospital setting. PARTICIPANTS: Among a total eligible sample of 26 male elite cricketers (mean age 21.2 (SD 2.0) years), selected to attend a national training camp, 21 participated in the study. RISK FACTORS: The independent variables were 'group' (LBP or asymptomatic) and 'cricket position' (fast bowler versus the rest of the squad). MAIN OUTCOME MEASUREMENTS: The dependent variables were the cross-sectional areas (CSA) of the quad..

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