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Timing of rotator cuff activation during shoulder external rotation in throwers with and without symptoms of pain.

Sally Anne Hess, Carolyn Richardson, Ross Darnell, Peter Friis, David Lisle, Peter Myers

J Orthop Sports Phys Ther | Published : 2005


STUDY DESIGN: Fine-wire EMG rotator cuff onset time analysis in 2 matched groups of throwers with and without pain. OBJECTIVE: To identify if there is a difference in the activation patterns of the rotator cuff muscles during a rapid shoulder external rotation task between throwers with and without pain. BACKGROUND: The coordinated action of the rotator cuff is recognized as essential for glenohumeral joint control in the throwing athlete. Identification of abnormalities occurring in muscle activation patterns for injured athletes is relevant when prescribing rehabilitative exercises. METHODS AND MEASURES: Twelve throwers with shoulder pain were compared to a matched group of 11 asymptomatic..

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