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Toward a roadmap in global biobanking for health

Jennifer R Harris, Paul Burton, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Klaus Lindpaintner, Marianna Bledsoe, Anthony J Brookes, Isabelle Budin-Ljosne, Rex Chisholm, David Cox, Mylene Deschenes, Isabel Fortier, Pierre Hainaut, Robert Hewitt, Jane Kaye, Jan-Eric Litton, Andres Metspalu, Bill Ollier, Lyle J Palmer, Aarno Palotie, Markus Pasterk Show all

European Journal of Human Genetics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2012

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported through funds from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013), ENGAGE Consortium, grant agreement HEALTH-F4-2007-201413 to JRH and IBL; BioSHaRE-EU, grant agreement HEALTH-F4-2010-261433 to JRH, PB, AJB, and IBL; through funds from Biobank Norway - a national infrastructure for biobanks and biobank-related activity in Norway - funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR 197443/F50) to JRH and IBL. We thank the contribution of the Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G) and biobanking-related work from FP7 Grant Agreement number: 212111 (BBMRI) to KZ, and MY, and the Austrian Genome Programme GEN-AU to KZ. BMK acknowledges the Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine; Genome Canada/Genome Quebec GJBvO gratefully acknowledges support by a grant from the Ministry of Education, through the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO for the establishment of BBMRI-NL, a consolidated Netherlands Biobanking infrastructure. JEL gratefully acknowledges support by The Swedish Research Council Grant agreement 8292009-6285 for the BBMRI. SE project. AM was supported by EU RDF Centre of Excellence in Genomics; The Estonian Biobank at EGC University of Tartu is funded by Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education and Research and EU FP7 project OPENGENE. Other sources of support for this work are the Wellcome Trust 096599/2/11/Z to JK, The Medical Research Council (UDBN, COPDmap), IMI (U-biopred) and Technology Strategy Board (STRATUM, ACROPOLIS) to MY, and The Medical Research Council (COPDmap) EU FP7 and (GEN2PHEN (Grant # 200754) to AJB.