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Key lessons for incorporating natural infrastructure into regional climate adaptation planning

SM Langridge, EH Hartge, R Clark, K Arkema, GM Verutes, EE Prahler, S Stoner-Duncan, DL Revell, MR Caldwell, AD Guerry, M Ruckelshaus, A Abeles, C Coburn, K O'Connor

Ocean and Coastal Management | Published : 2014


Sea-level rise, potential changes in the intensity and frequency of storms, and consequent shoreline erosion and flooding will have increasing impacts on the economy and culture of coastal regions. A growing body of evidence suggests that coastal ecosystems-natural infrastructure-can play an important role in reducing the vulnerability of people and property to these impacts. To effectively inform climate adaptation planning, experts often struggle to develop relevant local and regional information at a scale that is appropriate for decision-making. In addition, institutional capacity and resource constraints often limit planners' ability to incorporate innovative, scientifically based appro..

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