Journal article

A randomized trial of a barrier lipid replacement strategy for the prevention of atopic dermatitis and allergic sensitization: the PEBBLES pilot study

AJ Lowe, JC Su, KJ Allen, MJ Abramson, N Cranswick, CF Robertson, D Forster, G Varigos, S Hamilton, R Kennedy, C Axelrad, MLK Tang, SC Dharmage

British Journal of Dermatology | WILEY | Published : 2018


Funding Acknowledgements

this trial was supported by the Financial Markets Foundation for Children, and the Asthma Foundation of Victoria. Additional support was obtained via an NHMRC equipment grant to purchase instruments used to measure biophysical aspects of skin. PuraCap provided EpiCeram (TM), the study intervention, at no cost to the study. PuraCap had no role in the study design or decision to publish the results presented in this paper. A.J.L., S.C.D., K.J.A. and M.C.M. are supported by NHMRC fellowships.